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The weekend that was Anime Boston

This year I enjoyed Anime Boston even though the Registration lines were just pure heck. I decided not to let that ruin my fun. The format was the Good, the bad and the Ugly.

The Good

-Finally getting to see the Chibi Project in person. Patrick Delhanty and Jekka Cormier do an incredibly funny show. Basically, you take your favorite Anime toy and torture it. is where you can find out more about the show.
-Winning Hyakunin Kuizi (An anime con form of Family Feud). It We beat the other team by a total 300 points by sweeping the Final question. The ending is priceless right after we shook hands with the other team then everybody did the love dance including me badly (as I always dance).
-Finally getting Greg Ayres and Colleen Clinkenbeard's autographs. Jesse Morrow (Anime USA's head of guests) doesn't owe me an autograph from her anymore because of this.
-Getting to see the masquerade in the beautiful theater at the convention center. It gives a major event atmosphere to anything.
-Getting to hang out with the Anime on DVD folks and finally getting some talk time with Chris Beveridge. He has lost a lot of weight and is looking alot better than he used to. He is an inspiration to my efforts.
-Getting to eat a lobster bake without the guilt (no Chorizo because it was friday). It was an absolutely lovely meal from Legal Sea Foods and is worth spending $37.00 (in Boston).

The Bad

-I missed out on Brad Swalie's autograph because of I enjoying my Lobster dinner. Oh, well. I do wish that Anime Boston did more than one autograph session per guest. They did two for the Pillows.
-Giving out Manga and a T-shirt for winning. Those are things that I can buy at the Dealers room. Give out prizes that have special value like no wait seating for the Masquerade or Concert. I will suggest that to Anime USA for their game show winners.
-Don't start the Masquerade until the room is fully loaded. Start loading the room earlier to do this. They only start loading the room 30 minutes to 60 minutes before the event. I missed most of the Novices because of that.
-Have water in the upper deck of the Masquerade. People are afraid to go down for Water. It makes the walk up easier for people. It was also about 40 steps up to the Balcony area.

The Ugly
-The Registration lines. I was among the lucky ones that I only spent 90 minutes Friday morning to Register. There were people who spent eight and a half hours in the Regular Registration line. There are going to have to be some changes. I will save those thoughts for Anime Boston's forums. If you want to hear what I would have done differently, I will respond to comments on this.

That was the weekend that was at Anime Boston. I forget to take notes, so I could do a logner report. I will give you my thoughts on the Hugo nominations tomorrow.
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