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This has been a busy week at work and just starting to deal with the post-con stuff. Bronycon is coming to the Baltimore Convention Center on August 2nd-4th. Here is the website with the announcement: http://www.bronycon.org/. I admit that I’m not a Brony. I like more action type shows like Avengers Assemble and Batman: The Animated Series. This announcement makes me very enthused about Baltimore/DC’s standing as a fannish market.

I have talked with some of the Bronycon folks at events. They are smarter folks than some in the fannish community may give them. They’re the folks to bring Lauren Faust to her first My Little Pony convention, so they know there market.  Knowing your market is very key to any success in reaching that market.  I know of many conventions who struggle with this.

 The risk they are taking is that they are the national My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic conventions and aren’t tied to a certain area. This is the risk Otakon took when they established themselves in Baltimore back in 1999 at the convention center.  It has led them to be the undisputed Eastern National anime convention.

 They also won’t overshadow Otakon because they serve very different markets.  Otakon is the Eastern National for Anime fans while Bronycon is the largest MLP:FIM convention in the country. The risk Bronycon is making here is whether their fans will move with them.  There was a decent amount of complaints from the New York area fans. I can understand it from a fans perspective, but I can see that Baltimore Convention center is a lot more affordable than Javits or Philadelphia convention centers.  BCC also has four hotels attached or across the street from an entrance of it. More than Philly and New York has combined.

No matter what happens in early August it will probably be the most fannish week and a half the city has ever seen.

The biggest thing I look forward after every Anime USA is Thanksgiving. It's a day to talk with some family. This year I'm traveling to my Aunt's for the second straight day. My Aunt makes awesome Turkey, which will have plenty of leftovers including Mom and I doing Turkey Stir Fry (Turkey white meat with Stir Fry veggies). Hoping it's a fairly quiet day besides that. I always have a great amount to be Thankful of at this time of year. Not just for  family or for having a job, but having a great group of friends who are there for me. May everyone have a great Thanksgiving.





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